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SMS Aviation Safety Management System Program

with Operations Manual

Does your Flight Department have a Safety Management Program for the ICAO States that require them? Does your Flight Department have an Emergency Response Plan?

“It’s important to understand that SMS is not a single event, but an unending process of identifying potential risks, taking action to mitigate those risks, and most importantly, documenting every step involved. And regular audits are required to make sure your SMS is compliant with ICAO/FAA/EASA standards, and that the SMS is being followed and documented by everyone involved.” Mac McClelland.

Please Note: ICAO has over 183 States and operators must comply with the requirements of each state, states that are actively enforcing the ICAO Operations Manual and SMS Program for 14 CFR 91 Operators are Canada, Africa, Europe, Anguilla, Bermuda, Caymans, British Vigin Islands, and the Turks & Caicos Islands. The EASA SAFA 54 Item Ramp Inspection Checklist also requires these program manuals to be audited during the ramp check and available on the aircraft.

Cost: based on size & complexity of each Client’s requirements.

Programs start at $2500.00 USD 

This includes an ICAO Annex 6 Part II compliant General Company Operations Manual custom written for your Flight Department. Please see our General Company Operations Manual Page for more information.

FAA AC 120-92A & ICAO Doc. 9859 Framework and Compliance for aircraft >12,500 lbs gross weight.

Our company utilizes the ICAO, FAA, and EASA Documents for SMS Program Framework. Our program helps the Small to Medium size flight department is it cost-effective. We provide a practical solution for reducing risk and increasing safety.

This is the foundation of a Comprehensive Aviation Safety Management System for the Corporate and Air Carrier with Aircraft >12,500. Aircraft greater than 59,525 lbs Maximum Certificated Take-off weight may be subject and required to comply with FAA AC 120-82 Flight Operational Quality Assurance Voluntary Safety Program, current edition for ICAO Requirements which we can provide guidance and direction.

Risk Mitigation: This Aviation SMS Program includes a Flight Operations Manual. Each Operator is provided with an interactive FRAT: Flight Risk Assessment Tool that allows operators and pilots on a per flight basis to assist in “GO/NO GO” decision prior to the flight, to see the risk profile of a flight in its planning stages, review the risk, and mitigate the risk to a lower risk value based on each operators acceptable risk profile. It includes a record keeping feature for compliance purposes.

Our SMS integrates control of risk into normal day-to-day business practice. Safety is managed as a “core business function” where the organization treats safety in the same way it manages other functions (e.g., financial, quality, marketing, etc). The components of our SMS Programs are:

  • Policy. A management system with defined policies, procedures, and organizational structures that meets safety objectives. Policy component provides these elements
  • Safety Risk Management (SRM). This component uses task analysis, hazard identification, risk analysis, and risk assessment to develop risk controls.
  • Safety Assurance. The safety assurance component provides for system monitoring, measuring, assessment, and corrective action to assure the effectiveness of risk controls.
  • Safety Promotion. The safety promotion component provides guidance for training and communication to promote safety as a core value in the organization.

Each SMS Program Includes the necessary forms for a comprehensive interactive Aviation Safety Management System. A partial list of Self-Audit, Gap Analysis, and SMS Tools that are included are as follows:

1.) Compliance Monitoring

2.) Cultural Assessment

3.) Emergency Response Plan

4.) Hazard Identification

5.) Hazard Register

6.) HITS (Hazard Identification & Tracking)

7.)  ICAO Safety Policy Example

8.) Maintenance Risk Assessment Checklist

9.) FAA, ICAO, & EASA FRAT (Flight or Operational Risk Assessment Tool)

10.) SMS Gap Analysis

Each Safety Management System is design and tailored to be appropriate to the size and complexity of each the Client’s operation. Our Aviation SMS programs include the FAA & ICAO requirements:

  • A process to identify actual and potential safety hazards and assess the associated risks;
  • A process to develop and implement remedial action necessary to maintain an acceptable level of safety;and A provision for continuous monitoring and regular assessment of the appropriateness and effectiveness of safety management activities.

In addition, the same amendment to Annex 6 Part I/II also requires the following documentation and programs:

  • Operations Manual,
  • Fatigue Management System,
  • Operational Control Procedures,
  • Flight Crew Training Programs, and
  • Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Program

FAA & ICAO Revision system option available.

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Presented in an useful format that complies with ICAO & FAA Requirements and the EASA SAFA Checklist with the following:

  • This Manual can be customized to your exact requirements and Company Specific
  • Includes 5 hours of editing, additional editing is $50.00 per hour
  • Digital Read Copies for PC, EFB, or IPAD are available for $50.00 per copy
  • 1 Heavy Duty Custom Binder High Quality Color Manual.

Starting Cost: $2500.00 USD

Optional: Digital Manual Read Copy for PC, EFB, Tablet, or IPad & 24/7/365 Viewer for Windows, IOS, MAC, iPAD Access to Cloud Server for Stored Manuals, Forms, & Checklists. Cost: $185.00 USD

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