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RVSM Airspace Operations Manual

This RVSM Airspace Operations Manual includes and refers to North, Central, & South American RVSM, this manual includes RVSM policy / procedures to be applied in the lower 48 states, Alaska, Canada, Northern Q-Routes, Mexico, Atlantic High Offshore Airspace, the San Juan FIR, Central, and South America as of January 20, 2005.* 


1.) LOA B046 or OpSpec D092 is required for RVSM which applies to all aircraft that are not equipped with ADS-B Out.

2.) For Aircraft that are equipped with ADS-B Out – Flights conducted in Domestic US Airspace do not require an initial LOA/OpSpec, For international airspace an LOA/OpSpec is required for the ICAO States and FIRs that require RVSM Authorization

Total Cost: $900.00 USD (Complete FAA Solution: Includes RVSM Airspace Operations Manual and RVSM Normal & Abnormal Checklist).

Includes the following content and documentation:

  • Letter of Request to FAA FSDO Office for RVSM Letter of Authorization or OPSPEC
  • Completion of FAA Job-Aid
  • RVSM Normal & Contingency Procedures
  • RVSM Airworthiness
  • RVSM Critical Equipment List
  • RVSM Normal & Contingency Procedures Checklist for Aircraft
  • FAA Required Aircraft and Flight Crew Documentation
  • RVSM Supplemental Type Certificate, Aircraft Service Change, Service Bulletin or TCDS
  • Aircraft Specific Custom RVSM Manual to keep on board the aircraft with required LOA or Op Specs upon receipt from The FAA FSDO that approves the RVSM Manual
  • 14 CFR 91, 91K, & 135
  • Temporary Revisions are included and no additional as necessary
  • Digital PDC Copy for PC, EFB, Tablet, or IPAD with a 1-time setup fee per Client for electronic document Access on Cloud Server for Storage 24/7/365
  • Company Logo can be added to Manual Cover (Client provided)

1 Spiral Bound Binder and Clear Protective Cover with a High Quality Color Manual (FAA copy is Digital black & white).

“I was completely satisfied with the RVSM Airspace Manual and the support before, during, and after the purchase. I highly recommend SourceOne Aviation Compliance.”

Paul Holloway

Chief Pilot, Citation CJ3, Kilgore Marine

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