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General Company Operations Manual


General Company Operations Manual

14 CFR 91 ICAO Annex 6, Part I / II with SMS/ERP

The General Company Operations Manual (GCOM) is for 14 CFR 91 Operators and Flight Departments seeking standardization, specific operational policy and company procedures in addition to compliance with ICAO Annex 6, Part I/II requirements and the EASA SAFA 54 Item Ramp Inspection Checklist and has an integrated Safety Management System (SMS) and is customized for each client’s flight department’s company policy and procedures. The Operations Manual is optimized for electronic viewing on both PC, EFB and iPAD. An optional Safety Management System (SMS) and the necessary forms are included in the manual are designed to support the SMS process and analysis of data. We handle all formatting and editorial matters during the entire process, allowing you to focus solely on the content of the manual. Source One Aviation Compliance provides editing, support, and revision service for the GCOM. SourceOne Aviation Compliance also offers a revision service so that when you have changes, we can update your manual for your flight department with a cost-effective solution. Company Logo added to Manual Cover (Client provided).

The following describes a typical outline for a GCOM with 14 CFR 91 and ICAO Annex 6, Part I/II with SMS/ERP and contains the following content:

  1. Introduction
  2. Amendment Control
  3. Departmental Organization
  4. Personnel Qualifications & Training
  5. Aviation Policy & Operational Control Procedures
  6. SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures)
  7. Training Curriculum
  8. Hazardous Materials (Carriage or Non-Carriage)
  9. Record Keeping, Maintenance Control System
  10. Weather Limitations
  11. Forms
  12. References
  13. Definitions & Acronyms
  14. Telephone Numbers
  15. Emergency Operations
  16. NTSB Accident/Incident Reporting
  17. Duty Time/Crew Rest Limitations for Fatigue Management

SMS interactive Program and Emergency Response Plan (ERP) option included with cost.

Presented in an useful format that complies with ICAO & FAA Requirements and the EASA SAFA Checklist with the following:

  • This Manual can be customized to your exact requirements and Company Specific
  • 1 Heavy Duty Custom Binder High Quality Color Manual
  • Includes 5 hours of editing, additional editing is $50.00 per hour
  • Digital PDC Copy for PC, EFB, Tablet, or IPAD with a 1-time setup fee per Client for electronic document Access on Cloud Server for Storage 24/7/365

Starting Cost: $ 2500.00 USD (Based on Number of Personnel & Aircraft)

Optional: Digital Manual Read Copy for PC, EFB, Tablet, or IPad & 24/7/365 Viewer for Windows, IOS, MAC, iPAD Access to Cloud Server for Stored Manuals, Forms, & Checklists. Cost: $185.00 USD

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