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We offer “Turn-Key” solutions. Since 2007, we have provided operators with over 4000 Manuals, MELS, and applications for LOAs/OpSpecs with a 100% approval rate from the FAA, EASA, or Civil Aviation Authority for 14 CFR Part 91, 91K, and 135 as well as EASA JAR Ops & EU Ops for all applications for RVSM, SAO Airspace, NextGen, and Aircraft Minimum Equipment Lists for all owners and operators.

The quality of our relationships with our Clients takes far greater precedence than the quantity of our Clients.

Our client custom or standard modular program manuals provide operational policy & procedures, guidance, RVSM, SAO, NextGen Airspace. In addition to the FAA, EASA, CAA, letter of authorization (LOA) or operation specification (OpSpec), the FAA approved or accepted RVSM Operations program is required for operations in RVSM airspace. Our Oceanic & International Operations Manual is required for flight operations conducted in SAO airspace. CPDLC & ADS-B is also required in the designated airspace where applicable. Please see table below or click on the program to view a sample manual and detailed information:

  1. RVSM Airspace Operations Manual
  2. RVSM Oceanic & International Operations Manual
  3. Oceanic & International Operations Manual
  4. Datalink Operations Manual
  5. Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) Manual
  7. General Company Operations Manual
  8. General Maintenance Manual 10 Seats or More 135
  9. Safety Management System & Emergency Response Plan
  10. EFB Training & Operations Manual
  11. Aircraft Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

Our Manuals are also available in a PDC Readable format for your EFB, iPad, MS Tablet, and PC with linked interactive table of contents for easier access in the cockpit. Aircraft Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL) are provided in PDF & PDC version.

Temporary revision service and 24 Month Reissue as necessary for our Airspace Manuals. Revision service for Serialized MELs.

All FedEx shipping options are available and we can ship via your FedEx account number if desired.

FedEx does not allow or accept P.O. (Post Office) boxes for shipping and an adult signature is required for receipt on all packages.

Option to Go Paperless. Replace 40 pounds of paper manuals with a 1 pound tablet. All of our Program Manuals are available in PDC format with an interactive page linked table of contents for ease of access and convenience.

  Our Programs

Please select program by clicking on program title to view a sample and detailed information:

Manual Operational Policy/Procedures* & LOA/OpSpec Number RVSM Operations Program Manual RVSM, Oceanic & International Operations Manual Oceanic & International Operations Manual RVSM, Oceanic, International, CPDLC Operations Manual RVSM, Oceanic, International, CPDLC, LPV, & VNAV Operations Manual
Geographic Areas & Oceanic FIRs North, Central, & South America Global Global Global Global
RVSM Operations Program  X  X  X  X
RVSM B046  X  X  X  X
PBN B036   X  X  X  X
NAT-HLA B039  X  X  X  X
RNP 2 B036  X  X  X  X
RNP 4 B036  X  X  X  X
RNP 10 B036  X  X  X  X
RNP 1 & RNAV 1 C063  X  X  X  X
CPDLC & ADS-C A056  X  X
LPV C052 –  VNAV C073  X

*NOTE 1 – Aircraft must be certified via the AFM Limitations and the Flight Crew must be trained for LOAs/MSpecs/OpSpecs requested. 

Optional LOAs/MSpecs/OpSpecs:

LPV (APV with SBAS): C052

GNSS: C052


Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS): C048

North Pacific (NOPAC): B038

Central East Pacific (CEP): B037

Areas of magnetic unreliability: B040

North Polar: B055

Other Areas: Check B050 for applicability

NOTE 2 – B054 provides the requirements for RNP 10 using a single Long Range Navigation System in the limited areas defined such as GoMex.

14 CFR 91 Use of the FAA MMEL as MEL: LOA D095

14 CFR 135 Serialized or Fleet MEL: OpSpec D095

14 CFR 91 Serialized (Serial Number/N-Number Specific) MEL: D195

SFAR 77 LOA/OpSpecs A321: SourceOne Aviation Compliance wrote the first Operational & Procedures Manual and first SFAR 77 LOA A321 for the first 14 CFR 91 Operator into Erbil International Airport (ORER) and Suylaymaniyah International Airport (ORSU) Iraq.

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