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Our Team

We are here to help with your compliance objectives. We wrote our first 14 CFR 135 Statement of Compliance for our Charter Company in 1996 and have been involved with Air Carrier Certificate compliance since inception. More than 14 years ago we set out to create a company that focuses solely on delivering a superior product in form and accuracy of information in the areas of RVSM and SAO (Special Areas of Operation) Airspace, MELs, and Flight Operations Manuals. Since 2007, we have provided Clients over 4000 Manuals and applications for LOAs/OpSpecs applications with a 100% approval rate from the FAA, EASA, or Civil Aviation Authority for 14 CFR 91 and 135 as well as EASA JAR Ops & EU Ops. We work with Aviation Safety Inspectors, FAA Technicians, and Aircraft Manufacturers to constantly improve our Manuals. We feel that background is important and relevant, our several consultants and technical editors on staff are:

  1. FAA Certificated Aviation Maintenance Technicians
  2. FAA Type-Rated Airline Transport Pilots
  3. Honorably Discharged Military Veterans

We have over 51 years of combined regulatory compliance in 14 CFR Parts 91, 135, & 121 coupled with experience in Air Carrier certificate management, maintenance, and international flight operations to better assist our Clients. Our full time and part time staff maintains and flies in RVSM and SAO airspace and has since it’s inception, with this being said, we can fully appreciate the accuracy of information and having a Manual and Program that meets or exceeds your Flight Department’s requirements. This is our focal point. Our Team is results oriented and providing our Clients with a successful FAA approval process by providing a superior product is paramount. That’s our promise to you.

Christian Oliver
Project Manager/Owner

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